There are new studies being published challenging breakfast’s status as “the most important meal of the day.” Some demote it to [gasp] “just a meal,” while others claim that skipping breakfast altogether is just fine. I can’t help but imagine that somewhere in a sad, dark little bar, breakfast just pulled up a stool next to Pluto – “Dude, WTF?”


New research aside, I am die-hard supporter of breakfast, and the amazingly healthy lifestyle benefits it provides. As with any argument there is research that supports both sides, however, I believe that if you’re not eating breakfast (even a little one,) you are doing your body a disservice, ultimately sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

In honor of Breakfast and all its glory, here are my top 5 reasons why Breakfast rocks!

1. Breakfast primes you for smart food choices all day long.

The verdict is still out on whether or not eating breakfast may help you to lose weight, but what is not disputable is that breakfast is a healthy habit that has been shown to lead to other healthy habits. Starting out your day making good choices sets the tone for the entire day. If you wake up and start your day working out, you’re more inclined to make smart, healthy choices as the day progresses. In the same manner, when you start your day with a healthy breakfast you are less likely to snack your way to lunch.  Or maybe you withheld from snacking but arrived to lunch starving, thereby consuming far more calories than your body needs.  Another bonus – breakfast gets your metabolism up and running; with your fuel tank full, it makes it much easier to say no to those donuts in the break room.

2. Break the Fast

Skipping breakfast means you are fasting anywhere from 15-20 hours. As a result, your body delays producing the enzymes necessary to metabolize fat. (Think of how a car runs, how it begins to sputter when you are driving on empty) When you start your day with even a small breakfast (perhaps a piece of Ezekiel toast with nut butter) your system wakes up, turns all switches on and begins burning fat. Why delay this amazingness until noon? Research shows that while non-breakfast eaters may skip breakfast to skimp on calories, they tend to consume more daily calories than breakfast eaters.

3. Breakfast eaters consume more nutrients and less fat

A 2011 study in the ‘Journal of Nutrition Research and Practice’ found that breakfast eaters consume more Calcium, Potassium and Fiber than non-breakfast eaters.  “I really wish I hadn’t eaten so many healthy nutrients,” said no one ever!

4. Huh? What was I just saying….

Studies show that breakfast can improve cognitive function and memory by restoring glucose (your brain’s fuel of choice.) Powering up the brain not only improves memory and concentration, but it can even make you nicer. Further, breakfast can lower stress and improve your mood, which is a win/win for everyone.

5. Brunch

Ok, life is about balance; we can’t live with all Yin and no Yang. Eliminate breakfast and brunch is just lunch. I don’t know about you, but a world without Bloody Mary’s and mimosa’s, well, that’s no world I want to live in! Every once in a while we all need to cheat, and a cheat meal is ok, but a cheat day can be derailing. Eat that quiche, drink your champagne and then head out for a nice long walk to burn it off. Your body will be much happier with an AM cheat meal while you have the day ahead of you to burn off those calories, rather than an over-indulgent dinner that sends you right to bed storing fat. Also, brunch is cheaper. Still winning.

If you need a little breakfast inspiration, here are a few of our favorites.  All of these recipes are great for making a weeks worth at a time, and keep well (up to a week or more) in the refrigerator or freezer.

 Oatmeal Ideas


TheYummyLife Overnight No-Cook Oatmeal




SugarFreeMom Baked Oatmeal Cups


 Egg Ideas


Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

















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