What is functional training?

Think about all the ways your body moves on a daily basis: bending to pick up grocery bags, squatting and twisting to get into and out of your car, picking up a child, going for a walk or a run, standing up or sitting down at your desk, or playing a game of pick up at the gym. Individuals perform a variety of these types of activities throughout the day. Functional training is focused on more than just increasing your muscular strength but also the relationship between the nervous and muscular systems.

Traditional strength training machines tend to isolated muscles in a controlled and stable environment and do not mimic natural movement. For example, a squat is a more “functional” movement than your traditional knee extension machine. Perfecting your squat is going to strengthen and simplify the tasks mentioned above much easier and pain free! Simply stated, functional training improves the performance of one’s activities of daily living. It’s fitness for function.