March MATness – The Push-Up

Push-Ups are a great and effective way to strengthen the upper body. The important thing to remember is to keep the full body connection.  Body is in a strong straight line from the head to heels. Arms are a little wider than shoulder width apart with the entire palm and all ten fingers actively pressing into the mat. The creases in your elbows should face each other. Shoulders are drawing down your back with your abs pulling in and up. Thighs and heels are actively squeezing together.  Maintain these connection points as you move only the arms.

The Push-Up

  1. Stand at the end of your mat with a tall lifted spine
  2. Keep the tailbone lengthening heavy to the floor
  3. Drop the weight of the head forward and round forward until your hands reach the floor
  4. Walk the hands out onto the mat until the body comes into a straight plank
  5. Keep the hands and arms actively pressing into the mat as you inhale and bend the arms lowering the body to the mat as far as you can control
  6. Exhale as you press the body back up. Repeat 3x
  7. Walk your hands back towards your feet and round back up
  8. Repeat the whole sequence 3-5x

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