March MATness – Swimming

Swimming is a common exercise that you have probably done or seen in any fitness class.  Swimming is a contralateral movement and therefore a challenging exercise when executed properly.  Focus on maintaining a long lower back and putting more of the work into the upper back. The deeper you lengthen and put the work into your own body the greater the benefits.


  1. Lie on your stomach with arms and legs extended, forehead resting on the mat
  2. Actively squeeze your legs together, pull the abs in and lift the arms, head and legs away from the mat
  3. Keep your tailbone lengthen and your pubic bone pressing into the mat
  4. With control from your center, alternate lifting the right arm left leg and left arm right left
  5. Following a natural breathing pattern keep the movement going as you focus and lengthen the arms and legs from your center with each movement for 10 counts