March MATness – Spine Stretch Forward

Spine stretch forward is an amazing exercise when executed correctly. A great tool for the spine stretch forward is to sit up against a wall. The wall will give your tactile feedback for where you are moving. Also, if you are really tight and feel all the work in your hip flexors you can sit on a block or roll up your mat and sit on the mat. Remember think FULL BODY!

Spine Stretch Forward 

  1. Sit on your mat with a tall stack spine, legs extended hip width, feet flexed at the ankle joint and arms extended at chest height
  2. Inhale as you squeeze your glutes and pull your abdominals in
  3. Imagine you are lifting your torso away from your hips
  4. Maintaining your core connection and as much height as you can, exhale and begin to round forward creating a “c” curve with your spine
  5. Create as much oppositional movement within your own body as possible (abs and lower back pulling one way, as the arms, crown of the head and legs reach the other way)
  6. Inhale and stack the spine back to your starting position. Repeat 3-5x


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