March MATness – Saw

The movement in  “Saw” comes from the rotation of the spine not the hips and pelvis. Think of it as a “wringing” out of the abs. Also, try to create and maintain as much length from fingertip to fingertip. The deeper the work you can create in your own body the more you will get out of every movement! 


  1. Sit on your mat with a tall stack spine, legs extended wider than hip width, feet flexed at the ankle joint and arms extended out to the side
  2. Inhale as you squeeze your glutes, pull your abdominals in and up and twist right as far as possible – remember the twist comes from the rotation of the spine!
  3. Exhale as you round over the left leg reaching your left arm towards the outside of the right leg. Right arm is reaching and lifting back behind you as far as possible
  4. Inhale as you stack your spine back to your starting position and repeat twisting left.
  5. Repeat 3x to each side

IMG_1580 IMG_1582

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