March MATness – Rolling Like A Ball

Rolling Like A Ball 

  1. Have a seat on your mat with your knees bent into your chest
  2. Tightly grab on as close to your ankles as you can with the elbows broad
  3. Your goal is to get your thighs perpendicular to the mat
  4. Bring the weight of your head toward the knees and pull your abs away from your thighs……..your body is in the shape of a ball!
  5. Maintain this position, inhale and roll onto your upper back without letting the weight of the body go onto your head and neck
  6. Pulling your abs in even deeper, exhale and roll back up to your starting position. Repeat 6-10x

The most challenging part of this exercise is maintaining the “ball” like shape as you move and initiating the movement by curling the tailbone under. With daily practice and thoughtful movement you will be “rolling like a ball” in no time!

IMG_1549 IMG_1551









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