March MATness – Open Leg Rocker

Open leg rocker is another great rolling exercise similar to “rolling like a ball” but with straight legs. Try to focus on finding the stability aspect of this exercise first before you add in the movement. Be careful as you are rolling not to place the weight onto your head and neck and don’t let momentum control the movement.

Open Leg Rocker

  1. From the spine stretch forward position, begin to round back onto the mat
  2. As you are rolling back, lift the legs away from the mat using your abs
  3. Grab onto your legs as close to the ankles as possible
  4. Your goal as you move through this exercise is to keep your legs and arms completely straight
  5. Inhale and deeply draw the abdominal wall in creating a deep scoop in the lower abs and lift the chest
  6. Exhale roll back maintaining your position and your connection
  7. Inhale rolling back up with control. Repeat 3-6x

IMG_1570 IMG_1572IMG_1571


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