March MATness – Leg Pull Front

Leg pull front begins in a straight-arm plank position…….. think push up. When you are in the straight-arm plank you should feel every muscle in your body working to support the position and movement. Maintain proper alignment of the head and spine. Actively press your arms, palms and all ten fingers into the mat. The creases in your elbows should be facing each other.  Keep your abs pulling in and up. Glutes and thighs are squeezing together tightly. Heels pressing together.  Now you are ready! Remember, you can hold the position and work on stabilizing and add in the movement when you feel stronger.

Leg Pull Front

  1. Come into a straight arm plank position
  2. Keep the entire body stable, especially the hips, and lift the right leg off the mat with a small double kick
  3. Maintain stability as you switch sides. Repeat 3x each side

IMG_1631 IMG_1635