Core Stars

We all have hectJanet Using the TRXic schedulesand trying to find the time to exercise can be a challenge.  Janet Phillips of Canton, Michigan does not let her work and travel schedule interfere with taking care of herself. Janet has been a loyal client of Core Sport Pilates Fitness Studio for over 2 years. She was interested in Pilates and found us on the web. When asked what her core values are when it come to exercise, Janet believes in taking responsibility for her own health. She believes exercise, diet and a positive attitude are the key. Janet loves the variety that Core Sport offers. She feels that the variety of functional training, TRX classes and Pilates are the most effective. She is always learning something new and has not become bored with her exercise program! Janet’s consistency in her workouts have helped her core strength, flexibility and balance. And of course she would not have meet her goals without the help of our knowledgeable and professional trainers!

New mom APilates In Actionlix Muhlbach of  Northville, Michigan has been training at Core Sport Pilates Fitness Studio for 2 years. She began exercising to get in shape and lose weight. Once Alix found out she was expecting her first child, her focused changed to staying healthy and active throughout her pregnancy. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Alix believes that her workouts at Core Sport helped her maintain a healthy pregnancy weight and to stay strong and healthy throughout her pregnancy. Alix continued to exercise at Core Sport until a week before she gave birth to her daughter! She feels that Core Sport’s signature 1/2 functional training and 1/2 Pilates are the most effective. Staying healthy is what keeps Alix motivated. She also wants to be an example for her daughter!



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