Annie’s Mat Class

Monday 9:00am – 10:00
Also trains private clients & teaches Sunday Yoga

Today I took Annie’s Mat class. Today was a day that I had no interest in working out, but I did so because “not” is a slippery slope. Working out on a day when you’d rather do anything else somehow feels sweeter when you’re done. In a surprise twist, I left class feeling very proud and totally geared up for a full week.!! She truly lives, breathes and is Pilates and Yoga. Having said that, do not be fooled by her small frame and sweet smile. Her extensive knowledge makes her completely aware of what you are capable of, and she knows that your mind shuts off far faster than your body.  It is that, which keeps Annie from backing off.  She will push you past your comfort zone; BUT if you stick with it, pride and astonishment take over and you’ll forget what all that whining and fear was about. It’s that high risk, high reward kind of thing. Walking out of class today made me feel pretty fantastic about what I accomplished and that mental win (as well as a calorie burn) is my favorite part of working out. If you really want to get your money’s worth, tell her you’re in the mood to work the glutes! I dare you!

What is Pilates Mat?

Pilates mat class is the foundation of the Pilates work. The use of the Pilates Reformer and the Tower are built around the work done on the mat; but, without the assistance of the springs, you will use only your own bodies resistance to move through this series of exercises.  It teaches the body to move from a stable place, which is the life application of Pilates.  A mat class is designed to strengthen the core while focusing on strength, mobility and stability. Mat classes don’t pull any punches with the core work, but they’ll also challenge your hips, glutes, legs, shoulders and arms all while lengthening and sculpting your muscles. Great for all ages, and both men and women.

*If you have any type of injury or are pregnant, please tell your instructor prior to class, so that they may discretely guide you through any necessary modifications*

What Beginners Need to Know

Modification. Modification. Modification. This class is about a mind, body connection and is a practice of both thought and effort.  Don’t worry, everything can be modified and you’ll get there. In class I am acutely aware of what I lack in flexibility, but I’m also seeing dramatic improvements to my form, my posture, my lower back pain and my overall progression. So basically, I’m winning.

What the Expert Needs to Know

Annie is a great level 2-3 instructor. Please don’t misunderstand me, she is a great (and this is a great) level 1 class, but if you are an advanced student and you are looking to take your practice up a notch this is the instructor for you.

What to Bring

Fearlessness – Trust Annie, she’s got it. Try to make it past the point of comfort and then (if you need to) hit-the-breaks. She does a terrific job with corrections and she’s very aware of each of her students limits and abilities. The class size maxes out at 12 people so you will leave knowing your did each posture safely and correctly.

**Always listen to and respond to your body. Good workout pain and bad workout pain feel very different.**

Water & Socks – The class is done barefoot, which can get cold, especially in the winter. Feel free to bring a pair of socks, (grippy socks work the best). Also, in this class you’ll work up a sweat, so grab that water bottle on your way out the door.

Have you ever taken one of Annie’s classes? Tell us what you loved about it.

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